BodiTrak’s sensor technology provides real-time data on the interaction between a golfer and the ground. BodiTrak give teachers, coaches and golfers the tools to visualize and better understand the ... See more

SAM PuttLab

State of the art ultrasound technology and mathematical algorithms are used for precise measurement of the relevant putting parameters.

It analyses the 28 most important parameters of the ...
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With the X2 we are able to analyse every single aspect of our client’s swing with military precision, using our iPads on the range. With its 3D Doppler tracking radar, FlightScope provides the most ... See more


We are proud to introduce the recently developed FocusBand™ – the game changing technology for the future. Since the game of golf began, instruction has followed and instructors talk about focus, ... See more

K Coach

K-COACH empowers golf professionals to measure, understand, coach and train players. The system allows the coach to understand a student’s movement, so that they can prescribe precise drills designed ... See more